Waiver of Rights and Liability for Hack Your Health Video and Photography

  1. I hereby hereby authorize Hack Your Health to record (on film, tape and any other media) my picture or image, including my name, likeness, voice and appearance.
  2. I hereby grant Hack Your Health the unrestricted right to use, distribute, and make available any works that may be derived from the recordings or photographs, and the right to authorize others to do the same. I understand and acknowledge that, among other means of distribution, Hack Your Health may choose to distribute the recordings through digital and/or analog media.

Hack Your Health Attendee Filming Release

By attending Hack Your Health, you, a Hack Your Health attendee, agree to the following terms concerning filming:

I will film only downstairs at The Palmer Center: in the Expo Area only, the downstairs lobby, outside, or the VIP Lounge (if I have access.) I will not film in the Keynote stage area, the Breakout Rooms, the VIP Breakout Room or during demonstrations. (No speaking presentations are to be filmed in any way.)

I will not interfere with the official Hack Your Health film crew, or their equipment.

When filming, I will not film any substantive portions of any presentation, including any talk, panel, or workshop. This means that I may film what is going on in the Exhibitor Hall area, and the camera may pass over a speaking area, however no “extended”, substantive portion of a presentation or panel will be filmed.

I also release Hack Your Health to use any film that I may be captured in, in whatever capacity they see fit or deem appropriate.

In attempting to interview, highlight or film any speakers, attendees or participants of Hack Your Health, I will not express, imply or state that I am acting on behalf of or representing Hack Your Health in any way.