Austin, TX (October 13, 2023)

Temple Stewart – A Fresh Voice In Nutrition

Hack Your Health proudly presents Temple Stewart, popularly known as @theketogenicnutritionist on Instagram, as a keynote speaker at their 2024 event

“She’s not only a fresh voice but also a trailblazer in wellness! We’re enamored with her genuine and no-nonsense approach.”— Robin Switzer

AUSTIN, TX, USA, October 13, 2023 / — Get ready for a holistic health revolution: Hack Your Health proudly presents Temple Stewart, popularly known as @theketogenicnutritionist on Instagram, as a keynote speaker at their exhilarating 2024 event!

Temple Stewart wears multiple hats: a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, a Naturopathic Doctor-in-training, and a trailblazer in the health and wellness world. Her journey began at the University of Tennessee that led her to be a driving force in patient care at the Veteran’s Affairs hospital in Bay Pines, Florida. With over three years of devoted service as a Clinical Dietitian, Temple has amassed a wealth of experience that helps patients transform their lives through dietary changes.

Now running a thriving private practice, Temple specializes in the ketogenic diet by fusing her clinical expertise with her own journey to give clients powerful and relatable guidance. Under her guidance, women find not just better health but also hope and encouragement to reshape their lives.

When it comes to nutrition and health, Temple Stewart exemplifies empathy, knowledge, and dedication. Her unwavering focus on empowering women to lead transformative lives distinguishes her as a true leader and advocate for wellness. Be it in her clinical practice, medical studies or electrifying public speaking engagements – Temple is on a relentless quest to leave a lasting impact on countless individuals yearning to regain their health and vitality.

Temple shares her excitement for Hack Your Health 2024: “I am thrilled by this amazing opportunity to speak at Hack Your Health 2024. In my past attendances and talks there, I’ve experienced firsthand how impassioned this community is towards enhancing their health – no matter where they stand in their journey. The exhilaration of being amongst thousands of like-minded individuals is unparalleled! It has helped me forge invaluable connections, meet online friends face-to-face, and join forces with