Hack Your Health 2024

Volunteer Guidelines and Expectations

Expectations of Volunteers:

  • Work shifts as assigned (minimum of (2) 4-hour shifts). Please understand that we cannot accomodate schedule requests.
  • Attend Volunteer Orientation at the Palmer Center on Thursday, April 20th (time to be announced) to receive instructions, your badge, and your shirt.
  • Check in with Volunteer Coordinator by the time listed on your assigned shifts. Be sure to allow time for traffic, parking, and walking.
  • Be present for all assigned shifts. (Your volunteer badge will be voided if you miss a shift.)
  • Communicate with the Volunteer Coordinator if there are any issues so they can be resolved quickly.
  • KetoCon is a drug and alcohol free event. Arrive sober and drug-free.
  • Appearance: Your tattoos, piercings, and haircuts are totally acceptable provided they are family-friendly. You are expected to be clean and well-groomed.
  • Attire: KetoCon is a family-friendly event so please be mindful when selecting your clothing. The Palmer Center will be air conditioned but the temperature varies from zone to zone.
    • Comfortable shoes (the Palmer Center floor is poured concrete with no subfloor padding).
    • Knee-length pants/skirt or longer.
    • Wear provided KetoCon Volunteer shirt when actively working. To avoid confusing attendees, please have a non-Volunteer shirt to change into when not on duty.
  • Do not eat or chew gum during your shift. Browse the exhibitor floor for samples or to make purchases before or after your shift.
  • Take care of personal needs before or after your shift. This includes meals, bathroom breaks, etc. You are encouraged to keep your KetoCon water bottle with you for hydration.
  • Be responsible for your own items. Keep your belongings with you without obstructing foot traffic.
  • Report issues within sight of your assigned area (spills, accidents, disruptive behavior) to the Volunteer Coordinator as soon as you are aware of them.
  • Present a positive attitude and put your best face forward. If a guest is upset, locate KetoCon staff to provide a solution. You will not be required (or authorized) to make policy decisions on behalf of KetoCon.
  • Help attendees who approach you for assistance, such as directing them to bathrooms, the staging area, where they can find food, etc., or help them find another volunteer who can answer their questions if you can’t. Put yourself in their position and try to help in the way you would want to be helped.
  • During your shifts, remain in the assigned area.

In gratitude for adhering to the above, you will receive:

  • (1) Full Conference Pass to attend session while not on duty
  • (1) KetoCon 2023 Volunteer shirt
  • (1) Commemorative KetoCon 2023 SWAG bag and water bottle
  • Free coffee is the Volunteer break room
  • Virtual Replay Access – online access to all recorded presentations and panel discussions after the show.

By completing the KetoCon Volunteer application, you acknowledge the above expectations and agree to appear for your assigned shifts, with the understanding that failure to appear for your shifts will result in the forfeit of your KetoCon 2023 Volunteer Full Conference Pass.